Weekly Digest of Tweets 2009-10-25

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  • I want to make a Twitter list (when I can) for Psyberspace. People who tweet about psyche & cyberspace, Noosphere. Who to follow? #
  • founder: its not an insurance scheme – blasts Nats & Labour http://bit.ly/2sU67d #NZ #
  • RT @jimkutia NZ Govt should realise that ACC works better as a social good than a business. Stop expecting it to make money. #
  • RT @kylemacd Shame on y Maori Party, is this representing yr constituents? Maori Party bcks Nats ACC changes, NZ Herald http://bit.ly/3rjZK5 #
  • RT @AlastairJNZ NZ Govt gives working Kiwis the two finger salute – opens ACC to competition: http://bit.ly/2LiVjo #
  • RT @qman_tweets The privatisation of ACC will see higher costs & lower service. NZ refuses 2 learn from mistakes made overseas 20 years ago. #
  • ACC NZ Govt endorses a sexual abusers charter. Unethical according to NZAP Ethics Ctee. http://bit.ly/3GyZfa #
  • Ha! RT @doctorow Your hu-man medicine will do no good here, European! Our bodies are made of strange stuff only treatable by market forces #

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