10 Reasons to do digital sketches.

Why do anything? These sketches I do, why? Leaving that question as unknowable, the easier (easy is significant here) question is why do digital sketches?

1. Its easier to erase.

2. They don’t take time to dry.

3. They are easy to store.

4. Its easier to clean up after painting.

If that sounds silly, its not. That is why I’ve come back to digital after giving acrylics a good go. I love the real stuff, but I could not fit it into my life. And there is more:

5. They can be shared widely, easily.

6. They can be printed in different sizes.

7. They can be tweaked easily.

8. I can do them any time anywhere. In bed for example.

9. It is easy to change the background colour.

And here is the clincher:

10. All the reproductions are originals!

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