Compressionism II

AtomJack, 1998, has a lot insight.  I go on to riff on the compression webpage. and then link & quote.

“we all have different internal filters”

That sums up Gregory Bateson Korsybsi talk.

And now compression has taken new leaps, do less with less

words are compressions – coex systems


tools that do less – Kindle  iPad

“small pieces loosely joined”

the joining is not linear though, joined across isomorphic information systems.

Each small piece is a map and a portal of a territory.

And each territory a map of another larger territory.

Russian dolls

fUSION Anomaly. Compressionism:

“keep it dense. keep it in-tense.”

fuck, okay. “you are what you cache”. or, to codify it: REMEMBER, you are what you cache”. taking this form, we bring as much as we can with us (pack rats), but the problem with clutter is that it’s bulky. not very efficient.

digital trance formation… information in formation… to streamline, we digitize. paper, images, sound, etc. there’s a ton of  information in hi resolution images and sound. but storage and internal link processing power is growing and so far has no limits.

brute force is not a problem. but in the meantime, and this is exemplified by slim systems like palmtops, embedded systems, “elegant coding” for pda’s, etc. demos.. this is all training for elegant, efficient, schemes.. but for what… compressions….(!)

this is the key. we are compressing time. we are fractally involutingly sinking into a wormhole and in order for a tight squeeze you have to compress.. that’s right. so this whole thing about compression schemes and compression algorithms.

wormholes… minidiscs, etc. you want pure? go brute force.

you want the “gist”? the main information? go pkzip. and pk could be psychokenesis, right?

fuckin a.

so this is where we’re at.

compressions. the gist of it.

we all interpret differently anyway, and pure reps don’t amount to much because we all have different internal filters. of course, that IS the optimum and it should be stored SOMEWHERE. like the idea that, atomjack, at oct 14 1998 4:55 pm should remain pure in that form. but to go elsewhere with it? do i need everything? do i need all the unnecesasry baggage? or can i leave it at home on the server where i can access those things i need with my pda?

this is compression. this is compressing time. this is one step closer to fucking immortality and i’m going to get there and bring everyone along with me. scratch that, everyone is ALREADY there. – @Om* on acid 10/14/98

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