Flipboard is the Future

I thought the same, when I saw Flipboard I thought this is the end of Magazines and Newspapers as we know them. 

The main reason is that socially mediated news is far superior to news from one source.I just can’t read one magazine – I prefer selections based on collaborative filtering or at least selected sources.

Danah Boyd said it somewhere.  Who shares a story is more important than who writes it!

We are all mediators its not hard to do, just click I like, or retweat as you read or go one step further, as I am doing now and blog a bit.  Build the contest. 

Analyst’s View: Flipboard for iPad Is Rupert Murdoch’s Nightmare | Jeff Wilson | PCMag.com:

Flipboard is the Future

Flipboard is simply doing what most old-media newspapers and magazines can’t or won’t do: it’s becoming a front runner in the digital age instead of being has-beens that carry the legacy weight of tradition. When Electronic Gaming Monthly went under, and re-emerged as an entity that blended evergreen print stories with timely online news and reviews via its EGMi interactive Web site, it was deemed as one of the few publications that “get” the new medium. PCmag.com itself is a former print magazine that has successfully completed the transition to an all-digital format. But such examples are few and far between.

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