Good list if you are into heroes.

I like to think I am not into having heroes but most of these from tb are my heroes.  I’d add a few:  J.L. Moreno, James Hillman, Jim Rough, Karl Marx, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Kurt Vonnegut, Peter Pinney… of course they are all a bit flawed, but that is where the light gets in… I’ll add Leonard Cohen, and there are a lot of non-famous real people who have had a bigger impact!

tb » My Heroes List:

People who found awesome ways to be creative, and who I’ve learned a hell of a lot from about how to be a kick-ass human being:

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  1. it’s not that your heroes need to be perfect, so much as it helps to have ideal images after which to model oneself. its a lot easier to build a car if you know what a car looks like, how it feels, how it operates!

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