Quantum jazz biology

The radical democracy of organisms « Future Primitive Podcasts:

Mae-Wan speaks with Joanna about “quantum jazz biology”, the transition phase we are experiencing, the organic revolution, science/art/life…

Listen to the audio.

The science here and the politics might be a bit dubious, but for all that there is a lot here to take on board, I can see how it relates to group work and couple work.

The environment impacts on the Genome

The social anarchy of nature

Quantum Phases and Quantum Coherence:

Quantum coherence implies all that and more. Think of a gathering of consummate musicians playing jazz together (‘quantum jazz’) where every single player is freely improvising from moment to moment and yet keeping in tune and in rhythm with the spontaneity of the whole. It is a special kind of wholeness that maximizes both local freedom and global cohesion.

I wrote the post about art before I heard this! It is a scarily synchronistic!

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