The Interpretation of Khan – Robert S Boynton

Fascinating article & also a link to Boynton’s site.  An interesting journalist.

Link to an article from Psychoanalytic Review, 95(6), December 2008

A Tragic Misalliance James W. Hamilton

Quote from Boynton follows.

Robert Boynton:

The Boston Globe, December 15, 2002

ON JUNE 19 of last year, 120 members of a famously secretive organization met to discuss recent accusations that sexual and ethical infractions had been committed by one of their own. Violating the organization’s oath to minister to those in need, this member had repeatedly betrayed the sacred trust of those who had sought his help. It was an occasion for collective soul-searching, a time to acknowledge, in the words of a confidential report on the meeting, “the severe institutional difficulties and limitations we face. . . in tackling perverse and psychopathic behaviors in our membership.” Another scandal in the Catholic Church? No, the meeting took place in the London offices of the British Psycho- Analytical Society, and was called in response to the economist Wynne Godley’s charges that he had been psychologically tortured by Mohammed Masud Raza Khan, a charismatic Anglo-Pakistani psychoanalyst, during the course of his seven-year analysis. Godley, a visiting scholar at Bard College’s Levy Economics Institute and professor emeritus at Cambridge University, shocked the psychoanalytic world when his memoir of Khan was published in a Feb. 2001 issue of the London Review of Books.

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