The Wisdom Council

This was very good to see. 2003, already a bit dated, a bit “American”, but it brings out some of the potential inherent in the Dynamic Facilitation process. Worth downloading the crappy Real player to watch if you are interested in Wisdom Councils.

The importance of this process does not shine through as strongly as I envisage it. It important to notice that a group that meets for a weekend is a microcosm of a larger community, and they bring back their “breakthrough” to the community, and notice how well it goes down. They were able to mirror the community concerns accurately.

Where else can you see this?

Society’s Breakthrough! – Audio & Video:

1) Democracy in America — VIDEO (22 min)—In November 2003 three people from the Rogue Valley in Oregon heard Jim give a radio interview on their local NPR radio show, The Jefferson Exchange. After contacting Jim, they decided to meet one another and to try an experiment with the Wisdom Council. Joseph McCormick, a former conservative Republican politician, filmed the event and created this 22 minute documentary, Democracy in America, which is available as a streaming video.

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