Toward a Science of Consciousness

Some links and snippets on the science of consciousness.

Toward a Science of Consciousness III – The MIT Press:

Toward a Science of Consciousness III The Third Tucson Discussions and Debates Edited by Stuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak and David J. Chalmers

Can there be a science of consciousness? This issue has been the focus of three landmark conferences sponsored by the University of Arizona in Tucson. The first two conferences and books have become touchstones for the field. This volume presents a selection of invited papers from the third conference. It showcases recent progress in this maturing field by researchers from philosophy, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, phenomenology, and physics. It is divided into nine sections: the explanatory gap, color, neural correlates of consciousness, vision, emotion, the evolution and function of consciousness, physical reality, the timing of conscious experience, and phenomenology. Each section is preceded by an overview and commentary by the editors.

This whole chapter is useful:

Toward a Science of Consciousness 3: Essential Dimensions of Consciousness: Objective, Subjective, and Intersubjective:

Essential Dimensions of Consciousness: Objective, Subjective, and Intersubjective Frances Vaughan The process of evolution and growth toward wholeness can be observed to proceed through various stages of differentiation and integration. For example, cells divide and differentiate and are subsequently integrated in a complex organism. At this relatively early stage of consciousness research it therefore seems appropriate to give careful attention to differentiating objective, subjective and intersubjective approaches, with the intention of including all three in a truly integral vision.

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