Have been listening to the audios and thinking about the sociodrama workshop I will be conducting at the Auckland Psychodrama Conference 2011 on the Zeitgeist. “Listening to the Spirit of the Times.”

Who shall survive and all of JL Moreno’s work looks to a future. Sociometry is the science of the future.

As I became socially and politically conscious, the future loomed large. “We shall overcome”, “Times are a changing” the counter-culture loomed large and it drove me forward (in the ’70s) into a utopian future that crashed both psychologically and socially.

Psychodrama arrived just at that moment in my life in in 1979. It filled my “me generation” needs as well as the counter-cultural needs. It was able to offer repair needed from the pain of the 70s but hooured the visions of the 60s.

And psychodrama did indeed flourish in the eighties in Australia and NZ. I think because Max and Lynnette Clayton of course but also because of the zeitgeist.

Psychodrama offered better social tools than yuppies and better psychological ones than traditional therapy.

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