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Audio: Scott Hamilton on poet Kendrick Smithyman

Click to play & download Scott Hamilton interviewed on national radio re New Zealand poet Kendrick Smithyman

I enjoy Scott Hamilton’s Blog with its narrative posts, kiwi left leaning sensibility. This interview makes me want to read Kendrick Smithyman, sound like a worthwhile thing to do.


The poems are beautifully presented here

2 replies on “Audio: Scott Hamilton on poet Kendrick Smithyman”

Thanks very much for including this little piece of audio on your site! It looks like you’re involved in a serious project: would it be crass for me to ask what the dimensions and the intentions of the project might be?

Sounds like it is OK by you that I did this. I’d hate to see it dropped from RNZ.

My blog is a journal and index of links and quotes, with a slant to my conception that cyberspace is akin to the psyche, in a Jugian sense. I have an interest in things that are both psychological and technological. I have a Marxist lens on the world as well so it is too complicated to call it a project.

Thanks for asking. Appreciate your blog.

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