Can humans evolve faster than technology? Yes!!

This is a great little article, and gives me hope.  We can evolve things like Facebook, and things like the Imago dialogue and NVC then we can evolve every form of our social sphere.  That’s not what the article is about but what comes up in me, as a human.

Computer says: um, er… | Computers v humans | Technology | The Guardian:

Computer says: um, er…

Since the 1950s, scientists have been striving to create computers that can think like humans. And each year they pit their efforts against a panel of real humans. Brian Christian went head to hard drive…

    Brian Christian at computer

    ‘The chatbots’ attempts to simplify language were eerily reminiscent of human conversation at its most lacklustre.’ Photograph: Mark Mahaney

    It’s early September and I wake up in a Brighton hotel, the sea crashing just outside. In a few hours, I will embark on what I have come here to do: have a series of five-minute-long instant-message exchanges with strangers. It may not sound like much, but the stakes for these quick chats are high. On the other side of the conversation will be a psychologist, a linguist, a broadcaster and a computer scientist. Together they will form a judging panel, evaluating my ability to do one of the strangest things I’ve been asked to do: convince them that I’m human.

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