Diaspora (Social Network)

I like the look of this open source distributed social network, getting out of the proprietary systems seems like worth doing, distributing them seems like a great idea. I have invited myself and it looks like it could go public soon.



more info & links follow.

October Update:

Diaspora is getting better every day. Here are some of the features we’ve added over the last month:

  • Public messages are can now be posted to Twitter and Facebook
  • Friends can now be in multiple aspects
  • Re-sharing of status messages to aspects other than the one originally posted to
  • An invite system for inviting your friends not hip to Diaspora yet
  • Email notifications on new friend request and acceptance
  • Account data is exportable
  • A more friendly “getting started” experience

Our basic feature set is almost done. Once that is stable, we’ll set up an alpha server so that anyone, not just developers, can try Diaspora and help us improve it. We’re shooting to do this before Thanksgiving.

More here.

Facebook Competitor Diaspora Revealed: Sparse, But Clean; Source Code Released:

Diaspora is a particularly interesting project because it was first unveiled at a time when Facebook was facing a lot of user backlash due to privacy issues and changes being made. This helped the project raise over $200,000 in crowd-sourced funding via Kickstarter.

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