Hand signals

Hand signals have come into their own more than ever before, thanks to the prohibition of megaphones.  Human megaphones must have been in use in ancient times, but they are back!  Its wonderful how every act of the old system is back firing right now.  Police brutality is bringing more people into the movement.  Creating a puppet like Obama is driving class consciousness forward, banning megaphones creates simpler and more effective communication, just whats needed to augment mobile phones!

The Most Popular Hand Signal at Occupy Wall Street

Oct 12, 2011 J. Webster

Sure, at Occupy Wall Street, protesters are forced to use some complicated hand signals and tricky ways of getting their message across since they’re not allowed to use mics, but there’s one simple gesture that seems to be the most popular: the middle finger aimed at the financial elite. Yes, it’s a very good gesture, since everyone understands it right away and there’s no need for a megaphone.

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