Jungian search fest.

Just got an email promoting the book Trust and Betrayal: Dawnings of Consciousness
Jungian Odyssey Series, Vol. III (see below). Got me Googleing, and what a tasty bunch of stuff there is to find time to consume. I have instapapered a bunch of Jungian revues and essays etc. I’ll be reading them in due cours and if I “like” them they will go to my public list of Instapaper (I think?) – so no need to likt tto them all here. Look there for stuff on the Jung White letters (See book on amazon here)

Particularly interested in the material on couple counselling. Might need to get the book just for that. Christian Roesler I see has a paper on the self in cyberspace – so there is a further connection, as well as the fact that he is in Australia and in ANZJA.

So where is my instapaper collection? (Cant find how to do that!)

Product Listing – 03262:

Trust and Betrayal: Dawnings of Consciousness
Jungian Odyssey Series, Vol. III

by Stacy Wirth, Isabelle Meier, and John Hill – Editors

ISBN: 978-1-935528-09-8
190 pp.

This volume contains the articles presented at the 5th Jungian Odyssey retreat held in 2010 near Switzerland�s legendary Rütli Meadow. The idyllic Rütli Meadow whispers a narrative of heinous abuse�and the epic of trust regained on a dark night in 1291, when an oath of defiance was sworn on this turf. The legend of freedom fighter Wilhelm Tell, who killed the cruelest oppressor and ignited the uprising, makes Rütli the ground that echoes the story of Switzerland�s birth.

Taking inspiration from the spirit of this place, these remarkable papers explore the themes of trust and betrayal and how they are interwoven to form new patterns of identity. Illuminating the motifs of trust and betrayal as an archetypal pair, the authors amplify their bearing on private and collective life as well as on clinical practice: Self-trust and trust in others are essential to our sense of a unified and on-going existence. But trust can be blind�leading to unconscious self-betrayal and betrayal of others. Thus to betray and to suffer betrayal emerge as pathways to psychological renewal and individuation.

The authors are training analysts and guest scholars of the International School of Analytical Psychology in Z�rich, Switzerland (ISAPZURICH).

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