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I’ve just been on a walk for a few hours and recorded a meditation, on the psyche.  In some ways not unlike this one by Sam Keen, but the execution here is superb.  I might work on mine, I began with the notion that the meditation was just for me. Refining it might be a way to enhance it.

Here is a bit of Sam Keens meditation on the self, I like his references to DNA and to the macro & micro.

The Self « Sam Keen:

The Self

I am a self, a thinking, feeling, acting being enclosed in a mystery I can
neither fully comprehend nor control.

My mind registers every current in the cosmic sea. That old devil moon
moves the tides in my blood. Distant vibratory events ripple through the
plasma of my mind. Just as the DNA in any cell of my body encodes all the
information necessary to reproduce my entire body, so my mind contains in
germ the wisdom of the cosmos. I am a microcosm of the macrocosm. I am a
gateway to the world, a nexus through which all lines pass. Deep within and
far beyond meet in the depth of my spirit.

My body is a living museum of a natural history. As a fetus I passed
through every stage of evolution. I had gills before lungs. I slithered on
my belly like a reptile and walked on all fours before my reptilian and
mamalarian brains were crowned by the glory of the cortex. In my
holographic mind and evolutionary body eternity and time meet. My nervous
system incarnates the story of Bethlehem.

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