Network directed learning, not self directed learning

Just the simple use of these words in the title make good sense.  We know this but network directed learning has not been as explicitly on my radar as self-directed learning which I had always considered my self as practicing and advocating.  But it was networked learning all along really. 

From Connectivism, George Siemens’ blog

Moving beyond self-directed learning: Network-directed learning « Connectivism:

To address the information and social complexity of open courses, learners need to be network-directed, not self-directed learners. Social networks serve to filter and amplify important concepts and increase the diversity of views on controversial topics. This transition is far broader than only what we’ve experienced in open courses – the need for netwok-centric learning and knowledge building is foundational in many careers today. For example, the discovery of the corona virus (SARS) was achieved through a global distributed research network. New technologies are increasingly assemblies of innovations that often span millennia – a process that was wonderfully covered by William Rosen in The Most Powerful Idea in the World: A Story of Steam, Industry, and Invention . To be competent, to be creative, to be adaptable, requires that we are connected.

Most importantly network-directed learning is not a “crowd sourcing” concept. Crowd sourcing involves people creating things together. Networks involve connected specialization – namely we are intelligent on our own and we amplify that intelligence when we connect to others. Connectedness – in this light – consists of increasing, not diminishing, the value of the individual.

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  1. Thanks. This is a most useful concept, especially as I’m dealing with quite a lot of distance learning students at present. I particularly like the idea of ‘networks involve specialisation’.

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