Theories and Metphors of Cyberspace- Abstracts

This little paragraph of mine is from the early ’90s and still catches an idea that drives much of my understanding of psychotherapy.

Theories and Metphors of Cyberspace – Abstracts: “Necessity and Metaphor

By Walter Logeman

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I will send an abstract soon. I am a psychotherapist and am exploring the implications of the new media on my profession. (see details of a list I conduct below).

Possible theme of a paper could be the — Necessity and Metaphor. Contrary to popular belief ‘we can not think what we like’, words and metaphors have a power of their own. I would draw on the ideas of Jung and Hillman and relate it to metaphors of cyberspace. An example I am pondering at the moment is the word ‘depth’ — is the medium conducive to depth, or only breadth, and height?

A fuller abstract will follow.

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