Elections USA – What will happen?

Of all the events in the world I think this election in the USA is a climactic point of a long build up, not just for the US but the world. What happens within the Democratic party is more important then what happens between the parties.

Right now Sanders has a strong emphasis on moving the Democratic party to the left.

One outcome is that there will be some partial and wishy-washy gains in the non-binding platform.  Based on that Bernie will endorse Hillary and the decline will continue. Post election Sanders movement will decline. The democratic party will still be owned by the billionaire class. The progressive movement will feel even more defeated than after Obama’s “hope and change” fizzed.  So many Marxists dismiss Sanders, because they they see this as the likely outcome.  It is certainly the outcome pushed by the old media.  They talk as if it is all over.

Or the fight for progress in the “party” will not satisfy Bernie or the million followers out on the streets. Hillary “won” the primaries, so Sanders becomes a splitter and spoiler in the eyes of the Dems and the media. Brutal as that criticism is Bernie nor his followers are fazed.  The struggle goes on.  Shifting the Democratic party is a tactic, just like running for president is a tactic, if these fail then we need a new one. What is the next step in that struggle?  It is too early to see. As Sanders has made clear, this is not about Bernie, or the two horse race. It is about the people making a political revolution and he pushes for the struggle to go on. (To get the feel of this don’t read the old media, only his speeches make this clear.)

I’m betting the rest of the year will look more like the second option than the first, I can’t see a sell-out coming, I’d hate to see one.  The USA, and the world is in the action phase of this drama.  What form will it take? Anger and crisis run deep. Something is coming to a head.


Tuesday, 19 July, 2016

Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of HRC looks like a sell-out step. Yet it may still be a tactic. I hate watching. Like sailing too close to a reef to win a race. Even if it isn’t a sell-out, it looks so much like one that it will have the effect of one … Unless Sanders can undo that perception fast, maybe at the DNC?

Wednesday, 14 September, 2016

I’ve lost my trust in Bernie.  Sad. I overlooked his flawed international policies for the sake of some belief in his tactical path.  But those tactics were not sustained.  The whole election is now irrelevant other than as an opportunity to reveal how flawed the whole system is. UGH.



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