Disturbing motives

Love the work of Austin Kleon – this is an image from his 2018 Calendar 

If  “the focal conflict model” could be described in a picture, this is it.   The black abyss shows the depth of the concept, and “We” that it is often something we share.  The group is larger than the sum of its parts and can have its own disturbing motives.

Here is a link to the original analytic paper about these matters.

Guilt, Shame, and Other Reactive Motives — Thomas M. French

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  1. Solutions in this situation:
    1 Stay put – restrictive. Addresses the fear but not the wish.
    2 Leap – restrictive. Addresses the wish but not the fear. An athlete might make it.
    3 Build a bridge – enabling. Addresses the wish and the fear.

    As much to remind myself as anything :).

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