Flyer for the Earth Crosses Opening


Earth Crosses

Greater Goods, 105 Orbell Street Christchurch
October to December 2020
Opening evening thursday 15 October 6:30
Opening presentation by Walter Logeman at 7:00

Six prints are on display from the Earth Crosses project I have been working on over the years. These images may bring you down. There is an invitation to depth and to grapple to find your depth. Down to earth.  Definitely there are opposites at play. Or maybe you see an opening?  

You are invited to the opening!


Walter Logeman
I make digital images, I think of them as sketches, but they look more like paintings. This began with a personal challenge to do a thousand in one year. 2006-7 . My work is from my hand and from my heart.  If I like it I save it.  My style has evolved.  Initially I had a hundred styles, now it is all about texture, colour, shapes and composition. I want them to have life and reflect life. 

I’m a slow, self taught artist who began this at the age of 60. I am a psychodrama trainer by day. I am emerging, more than a decade later, as I age, into a more professional phase of image making. More recent images are on my blog: 

Making the digital physical is itself an art.  I take care to create high quality prints.

Walter Logeman
October 2020

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