Donald Hamlet Wolfraim – Obituary

Donald Hamlet Ph.D. passed away quietly at home on June 28th 2021.

I received this email from Robin Wolfraim-Jenkins. and am honoured to respond.  I did not know Donald Wolfraim but his Jungian perspective and gnostic take on the psyche have intrigued me.


Dear Walter.
In 2011 you referred to my Grandfather’s work. Link attached. Thank you for making this accessible, it is not part of his published work and it is the only copy our family has out there. I have gotten it from your site.
I am not sure if you had any connection with Donald Wolfraim, but if you did. Is there a story you could pass on to my family?
I wanted to ask you to add a link to his Obituary or refer to his passing. If there is a way? If you did know him.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Robin Wolfraim-Jenkins