Tidying up old documents — One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Powerful, Bankrupt.

I used to get airmailed copies of The Guardian, a Marxist publication not to be confused with the UK liberal paper.  I saved a page from a 1976 copy.  I loved reading the movie reviews by Irwin Sylber.  Of course every movie was contaminated by capitalist ideology.  He was spot on.  I still think so.

I kept a review of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (which I loved despite of its capitalist propaganda,  Kesey is still some sort of counterculture hero.)

The review ended like so many on a note that emphasised the glorification of individual heroics:

McMurphys solo flightover the cuckoos nest is always doomed to fail– however much it may momentarily illuminate the world.




There they have a full page of the Guardian.I can see why I needed this mailed to me – how could you get news like this in New Zealand at that time?  (though why anyone would want to save the constitution is beyond me.)


Just for posterity I’ve taken a few more snaps of the Cuckoo article.






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