Reflections on Writing – finding focus

Public and private
I’m not writing much here in Psyberspace.  I’m  not writing much at all.  I am however a prolific note maker in Obsidian – one year in.  Love it.  But individual private notes are one thing and writing  for the public another.

Obsidian is my PKM app, and I do think Personal Knowledge Management is something for us to learn.  To learn to learn.  It happened before privet notes take over… be it Evernote or

Google Docs.  Would an app that involves sharing & publishing be better?  I doubt it.  I can collaborate in Google Drive and publish here.

But there is a problem with PKM. i.e. its personal and I think knowledge comes relationally.  Management is the wrong word too. Collaborative Learning.

Writing Project
I have a writing project:  Moreno and Marx (I probably have drafts on the blog.) I will make a post!

I do have one recent post that grew in Obsidian and landed here

What makes being in a couple different from being in other relationships?

I had to consciously focus to create that post, over some time, and I’m  pleased with it.

I have a weird focus at the moment … it is to let one of three projects emerge as the ONE.

1.More working with couples

2. More Art

3. or the Moreno and Marx paper?

You can see they are all long term themes here in this blog.  (I’ll add some links) The aim is to execute on one… but which one?

I’ll keep you posted
You can chat with me here @waltzzz

Posts on the topics of the three contenders.

The Moment in History


Psychodramatic Couple Therapy Training







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