Working with Couples – September 2023

Here is the email I’m about to send out, followed by the attached flyer


Hello everyone
I would like to invite you to the two-day professional development workshop, Working with Couples, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 September 2023.

This workshop is for health professionals who work with couples or those interested in working with couples.  Whether you’re an experienced couple therapist or new to the field, this workshop will help you with your next step of professional development.

There are regular Working with Couples events and each one has a theme. The theme for this workshop is the impasse and the essential connection

The impasse is where the couple get stuck. How to be with a couple at this time? It is good to know there is another side to the story, trouble means opportunity. The ‘the third entity’, the relationship, has woven a web for them to climb through. They are not impossible passes, they can get through, with help. And once through they continue the adventure with new vigour.

The workshop will take place at the Quaker Centre, located at 217 Ferry Road in Christchurch, with the entrance off Nursery Road.

See the flyer below for enrollment details and more, including a beautiful quote by Hedy Schleifer. I look forward to seeing you at the workshop and exploring the world of couple therapy together.

Warm regards,
Walter Logeman


And here is the flyer:

Working with Couples
A Two Day Professional Development Workshop in Christchurch
with Walter Logeman

Friday 15 – Saturday 16 September 2023 

This workshop is for people who work with couples or who would like to work with couples. Professional development means identifying an area of learning for yourself that builds on the work you already do. Whatever your training, your presence with the couple is paramount. The event is also an opportunity to connect with others in the field.

The theme for these two days is the impasse, and being with a couple while they find the essential connection that is being called. Hedy Schleifer, a renowned couple therapist, puts it this way:

My deepest longing pushes against your most darkest resistance, and vice versa. That impasse is what every single couple meets, and when they meet that impasse it feels like they are profoundly disconnected. And they are not. It’s just the survival dance and the survival dance will always disconnect you. Underneath there you are profoundly connected and that’s what I teach people to reclaim. It’s their essential connection. —  Hedy Schleifer 

We use psychodramatic methods and principles to learn together in action. 

Walter Logeman

I am a Psychodramatist and a Trainer, Educator and Practitioner (TEP) in the psychodrama method. I have a postgraduate degree in social work, I’m an Imago Relationship Therapist and a member of NZAP. I work in private practice as a couple therapist, group worker and supervisor. I’ve  conducted Working with Couples workshops since 2009.

Dates & Times

Friday 15 September  –  Saturday 16 September 2023
We meet 9:30 to 5:00 on both days, with an hour and 15 minutes for lunch


Quaker Centre 217 Ferry Road. The entrance is off Nursery Road.

Fee & Enrolment

The workshop has a maximum of 12 places. To enrol, please email me at

Fee: $400
Deposit: $100 to secure a place.
Early bird fee: $360 payment before 1st August 2023
Please pay online at 03-0802-0058343-000.



Update:  Monday, 30 October 2023

It did not happen in September, I was sick with COVID.  I successfully postponed it to October. It was a lovely group. I was inspired to be with six incredible participants.  I learned a lot.

I got enthusiastic and planned more:

Dates 2024

2-3 February
12 -13 April
31 May – 1 June
9-10 – August
26 — 27 October



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