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Dynamic Facilitation & Creativity

Reflection on Creativity. I am impressed by the philosophy of creativity Jim presented (see link to podcast in last post). He draws on a Jungian idea of the unconscious being purposeful. If we let things bubble up then something useful will emerge. Similar to Moreno, creativity is always there, the art is to find the […]

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Creativity, spontaneity and something Blake said

I have linked to this quote before, I just noticed it again & saw it in a new light. In relationship to Moreno’s Canon of Creativity. I think the word “attention” is wonderful. Eastern traditions use attention in meditation, but what is attention? A Buddhist friend of mine said it is simply love. It is […]


Creativity & Art

Here is a summary of J. L Moreno’s theory, the Canon of Creativity: Creativity is innate, universal, it is everywhere. We all have it. It is awoken by spontaneity, without spontaneity it is useless. Spontaneity can be trained. Spontaneity comes through warm-up, and warm-up is expressed through roles. ~ Is that a good summary? ~ […]

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What is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama is a form of therapy.  Jacob Levi Moreno founded the the early forms of the philosophy and practice in Vienna early in the last century. On page one of his seminal book: “Who Shall Survive?” he wrote about a therapeutic procedure. Clearly a therapeutic procedure that has as its objective the whole of humankind stands […]



  Spontaneity operates in the present, now and here; it propels the individual towards an adequate response to a new situation or a new response to an old situation. It is… the least developed among the factors operating in our world; it is most frequently discouraged and restrained by cultural devices.

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The Moment in History

I am a psychodramatist and hence a student of the work of J.L. Moreno.  And I hold his philosophy and methods to be revolutionary in the sense of having potential to heal humanity.  There is an area of his philosophy and outlook where he comes short of the potential, it is in the conception of […]

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The Reader and the Writer

Just read this here: The reader is the musician of the book “Books are frozen voices, in the same way that musical scores are frozen music. The score is a way of transmitting the music to someone who can play it, releasing it into the air where it can once more be heard. And […]

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What is the universe up to?

On the first day of training in Imago therapy Maya Kollman characterised a couple relationship as “A microcosm of the universe trying to repair itself.” In different words psychodrama includes the same idea, the therapeutic tele is distributed in the group, it’s not just in the director. And there is qualitative evidence for this… A […]


Psychodramatic Relationship Therapy Training – Introduction

This is the opening section (DRAFT Tuesday, 14 June, 2016) of a longer guide to Psychodramatic Relationship Therapy Training – see main post, with more links here.   Psychodramatic Relationship Therapy Training Introduction I am a trainer (TEP) at the Christchurch Institute for Training in Psychodrama and a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. This document is a […]


Rational thinking and its conceptual content

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