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We’re in lockdown and I’m into a burst of work on the blog.  Addictive.  In one of the first posts I took all morning to sniff out art stuff:


I’ve just sent up two posts, one on van Gogh and another on Egon Schiele, they are related.  Without Van Gogh, no Scheile.

Art Blog Bush Journal sketches

Pods — 2014

Did a few of these after I came back from a month in the bush. Posted here now as I tried to get it into the media library from Apple photos on thr iPad …. But no,  it publishes it as well.

Art Blog

Testing WordPress to Twitter

I hope this turns up in Twitter, and you like the sketch I found.


Later:  Yes it did!  Now, do I really want that?
Maybe, but nothing automatic.

My reflections on this go way back:


Relations of the means of community


Tagging Marx

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My life streams

A few years ago I distilled the main areas of my life.  What interests me.  Areas I just can’t neglect.  Areas that need my attention and love.


Psyberspace Tag Index

A list of all the tags, with links.

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WordPress vs WordPress

I now have two blogs

and this one

I tried to migrate to the commercial arm of WordPress to get better service in blog management — this one on Dreamhost, the one  got corrupted a few times. What a mess.

But I can’t abide the new Block interface on Now I will investigate DreamPress here on Dreamhost. Hopefully my Classic plugin here will survive all the transitions.

Moving over the last 6 months of posts back to here went ok.  If it all goes well I’ll soon just have one Psyberspace blog!

Cheers, Walter



This site has moved.

Please go to

All posts since April 2020 are only on the new site



26 August 2021

Alas no, its still here.  It moved and came back the worse for wear.


I’m back here on



Blog Journal

Personal Update May 24 2020

I don’t say much in this blog about my life or family. Its a Journal of ideas. For better or worse. I don’t really know. I’ve had a phew phases in my life… this blog is about the ideas during my initial enthusiasm for the Internet. Then psychodrama and psychotherapy. Jung. Politics. All ideas. But a new phase is looming. I can’t write about anything new unless I become a bit more personal. I’m 10 weeks post op bypass surgery. I’m 75.  Last year I stopped seeing clients. That was a big step! The focus early 2020 was on supervision and training. Here are Health Update emails in the order I sent them:

Saturday 7 March 2020

It seems that is the only one I wrote!  I’ll do another …

Saturday 23 May 2020



I have not finished with this blog. I don’t know what I’ll be doing from here on, but one thing is writing. One motivation for changing to is that I can’t maintain the vagaries of managing a server anymore.  But that is not all. I could just delete the whole thing! I don’t want to do that.  For one I think the whole saga from the 1990s on is interesting, for me and maybe others, family even? This blog is source to writing I have completed. It is a scrapbook for writing to come, and I have a few projects on the go.

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Changes to this weblog – Notes for myself


Thursday, 09 September 2021

I’ve been doing a lot.  Settling the blog into its old home at

Today tried creating yet another full width template from here:

worked fine but I don’t need that. It was only for Pags and Default works fine.

Added a todo tag. On thing is to create a child theme. I’d hate it all to go to custard with a theme update.

21 May, 2020

This website url is now, just as it was about 20 years ago, before I began self hosting.  Hope everything works. (To hell with a custom domain!)

New Walter Logeman page:

New home for Thousand Sketches:

It has been a lockdown project to close my Dreamhost server. It has served me well but it took management — that I have hopefully outsourced to


More to do:

My email and some other people’s who have been on my Dreamhost.

Kate’s website & email. (coming)

My old Psybernet site??


I think I’ll be happier to do more blogging — It has been hard with a site that came up with Viagra ads etc.