We’re in lockdown and I’m into a burst of work on the blog.  Addictive.  In one of the first posts I took all morning to sniff out art stuff:


I’ve just sent up two posts, one on van Gogh and another on Egon Schiele, they are related.  Without Van Gogh, no Scheile.

I’ve also restored a 2008 post on Mark Tobey:

One of many I’ve restored. In the process learning about ‘Galleries and slideshows. Such as:

Psychodrama, Philosophy and Poems

I’ve got maybe a dozen draft posts, not quite there.  I need a longer lockdown.  They will pop up in the bext few months.  One topic I’m  pursuing is the flow of spontaneity in couples.  I’m  looking forward to that post being done.  It’s really a handout for the training I do,  Quite a breakthrough. Been updating the many posts on spontaneity and Moreno in the process.

Using Tags, that has been another time consuming effort.  Check out the Menu items at the top.  And look at this, I can show all these posts in one go:


And I’ve been tidying up podcasts, fixing broken links. Check out some new ones but many old ones.


So it’s been great to learn about the content and the blogging medium! Sharpening HTML. CSS is beyond me. with dosens of drafts there is more to come!