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Analogue eye


This one has been on my mind… could  not find it in my digital mess.  IMG_0992.JPG

I see my hand in it and a lot of helping hand from the tools.   But it is not the tools!  It my analogue eye.  Old music.


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I called this an autopix when I did them. I could do the outline with my eyes shut.  Love to re-kindle.

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Earth Crosses

The way up and the way down are one and the same – Heraclitus

I have these up somewhere from years ago, but I’m not maintaining that site.





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Austin Kleon & doing art.

I’m a fan. I get his newsletter and calendars.

Look at this beautifully crafted blog post. Inspiring in content and also in form. This would win a blog Oscar if there were one.

Such a simple point. Do a little art everyday. Presented by a thousand art coaches, but here it is fresh and inspiring.


Now on a more personal more. I committed to work on my art book 15 minutes a day in January. Managed that for about 28 of the 31.

At day 28 I got tired. But more than that I got stuck. I wish I’d read his post then, but never mind, back on the wagon.

The interesting thing is that the book is about the hero’s journey. If you read Austin’s post you will see that he does not like the word journey for the art process. Making art is not linear.

But then again there is a pattern.

Once you are in that “special world” there is really no turning back and going forward there are just tests and ordeals. Until you get through, till you are on the road back.

No way am I through with my project.  I’m facing tests and ordeals. And here is a page I’ve got of just that.

This is reflexive moment on the journey.  I’m illustrating the trouble I’m in.  Back to groundhog day.


BTW there are plenty of blog awards.  One blogger of the year features the slogan Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat.



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Its more than a year since I posted some of my art. There are reasons! But here are a few more – continuing more or less where I left off.





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Post Larapinta Trail sketch

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Desert Flowers


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Art Digital Sketches

Sketching again! Flower Power.

Its been a while, and I won’t have many as I’m working on some serious writing projects, but have loved doing these as I am more rested over the holiday period.

I’m on a roll here… they could be a series.  The aim is to make flowers, not… I know… flower power.


IMG 0079



IMG 0063

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Night and day – Day

I am not as prolific as in my ThousandSketches days. But when the urge comes I find I’m enjoying my productions. I recently sold a few prints and loved making them. Last night I thought about spring. I made the image below, Day I called it. So I also made a Night. Next post.

IMG 1134