Not an emulated brush

cool, originally uploaded by Waltzzz.

“Cool Channels”

This brush stroke, there are a few apps that do it, is wonderfully sketchy, not at all computery, and like nothing in rl. That’s what fascinates me with it. Note Nothing like it in real life, you can’t buy a paint brush to do this, it is not an emulation. The apps it comes with are primitive, but that is ok.

nothing like it in real life

Another similar doodle follows:

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The earlier unnamed black images were surprisingly unconsciously reflective of the Christchurch earthquake, it seems obvious now. This simple doodle with paint, completed in the week after the earthquake, equally unconsciously, in retrospect, is exactly what post earthquake tiredness and malaise was like for me. I heard many people say they were tired, and felt like zombies, even, especially if there was no major damage or fear.