Blogging Kate’s Blog here!

Kate Tapley Horse Treks Ltd.This is the blog for our KTHT Business! We have not been very active blogging there – but it is a great idea. I recently did some training with the staff and I feel more like one of the team, not just a sharholder etc. Which means I’ll probably write more in the Blog there.

What would I write about? A lot of the psychological stuff that I learn about horses and people through being around Kate! amd the Horse Treks, not so much from direct horse contact. That human-horse relationship, just like the marriage relationship is all about healing the psyche. Just like in the couple relationship *safety* is of the essence. Until we are really assured otherwise “the other” is an enemy!

So… more on the KTHT Blog.

Mt. Lyford Week

I am up here at Mt. Lyford – working through my To Do Lists – and getting more & more to the writing phase! Not many days left though.

The bandwidth is bad here right now, around 21 kbps – so editing stuff online is out, and I am doing these last few posts via email and not looking up links. I’ll go back and tidy up. I know I will as it is in my GTD system!!

The weather has been good and I have enjoyed a few walks. More of that! Also have been very enthused & stimulated by listening to Dave Winer, Adam Curry, and many IT conversations. So will keep up the comments.

And maybe send up some audio.

Another Day

Of course these days are *yesterday* by some standard… as it is already well past midnight as I write. A much more sleepy day but still did some stuff…


Just been importing mail from Forte Agent into Thunderbird. Works well, both share the same unix format… no that is not right, I can “Save messages as” in a unix format. Mozilla then makes its own additional files in the Profile. Nice. Before that added Mozilla Thunderbird to my Second Copy backup Profiles. Will do another backup after importing more mail.

Before that Kate & I listened to a Dawn & Drew Show that was fun.

Dawn & Drew

In the afternoon I did some errands and finished up sitting in the Merivale Coffee Culture listening to more Podcasts, the best one was The Dysons (though Esther was not there).

The Dysons

That Coffee Culture business impresses me – though the coffee at Merivale is not as good as at some of the other outlets – that must be a worry for the chain.

Back further in the day I did a mailout for Kate Tapley Horse Treks – our Christmas Special Voucher offer! We now have almost 300 people on our list – all opt in at the time of the ride plus a few who sub from the web. Woosh would not let me send it out! Had to log on to Ihug.

BTW – love that Woosh.

Bush’s day of shame

I just received this from the Greens

Bush’s day of shame

Today’s onslaught on an impoverished country by the world’s biggest military superpower is a black day for humanity, Green Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

‘This is an unjust, illegal and immoral act of aggression,’ said Mr Locke. ‘There is no basis under international law for the invasion of Iraq and there is no UN mandate that grants any shred of legitimacy to this action.

‘The norms that govern international affairs have been fatally breached today and the authority that the United Nations has worked so hard to develop over the last 50 years has suffered a grievous setback.

‘Our thoughts are with the innocent men, women and children of Iraq. Having suffered a decade of unfair sanctions they are now bearing the brunt of a massive assault on their cities and towns.

‘We must continue to do everything to stop this war. Our government should move to call the UN General Assembly into urgent session, as it can do under the provisions of Resolution 377.

‘Green MPs will be participating in protest actions which will take place across the country,’ Keith Locke said. ‘I will be at the emergency protest to take place at Wellington’s Cenotaph at 5pm tonight.

‘We must challenge this unilateral use of brute force in international relations. It is such an affront to humanity, when there was so clearly another way of dealing with the Iraq crisis. The inspections were making progress and the United Nations engaged.

‘Unfortunately, the ramifications of this invasion will reverberate through the region and through the world for some time come.’


You have received this because your contact details are on the Green Party mailing list as interested in Defence, Foreign Affairs, or Peace.

To unsubscribe, reply to this email address with “Remove” in the subject line.

Greens in NZ have had a very strong and clear position on this war all the way through. I hope they can maintain it as Labour has such trouble, constantly wavering on the edge. Worse than that actually having a ship in the Gulf and probably counted as one of the unamed of the 35 countries the Americans keep mentioning, because we support them trhrough having their military bases in this country. Get them out of here!



Always keep Ithaca fixed in your mind.
To arrive there is your ultimate goal.
But do not hurry the voyage at all.
It is better to let it last for long years;
and even to anchor at the isle when you are old,
rich with all you have gained on the way,
not expecting that Ithaca will offer you riches.

Love this poem by Constantine Cavafy. Thanks Stephen, for sending it along a few years ago.
Continue reading “Ithaca”

It is 3 weeks before we go to the USA.

It is 3 weeks before we go to the USA for the wedding. Bex, Kate & I will be going to LA, renting a car. Going up th coast to SF. Josh & Amy’s wedding is on the 7th. We will be staying at the Golden gate hostel. This weblog might be a travelog. We have the digital camera. I’ll take this laptop. It will be a great trip.

Aldous Huxley – Chrome yellow

More from Crome Yellow by Huxley

How gay and delightful life would be if one could get rid of all the human contacts! Perhaps, in the future, when machines have attained to a state of perfection–for I confess that I am, like Godwin and Shelley, a believer in perfectibility, the perfectibility of machinery–then, perhaps, it will be possible for those who, like myself, desire it, to live in a dignified seclusion, surrounded by the delicate attentions of silent and graceful machines, and entirely secure from any human intrusion. It is a beautiful thought.””Beautiful,” Denis agreed. “But what about the desirable human contacts, like love and friendship?”

The black silhouette against the darkness shook its head. “The pleasures even of these contacts are much exaggerated,” said the polite level voice. “It seems to me doubtful whether they are equal to the pleasures of private reading and contemplation. Human contacts have been so highly valued in the past only because reading was not a common accomplishment and because books were scarce and difficult to reproduce.

What is Huxley up to here? Prophetic, sarcastic or maximising his own point of view? Whatever, this passage stands out as comment on our current machines.

Lake Pedder – Tasmania Australia

Lake Pedder – Tasmania Australia

I found myself grieving this lake today. I walked and camped on its shores in the 60s before it was flooded. This came up as I feared the loss of the Net to greed. I am actually an optimist with regard to the Net. It is a Net and so it is hard to knock holes in it, and new webs are woven all the time. Still, there is already a great loss of the ethos that I found here in the early 90s, where anything commercial was unacceptable, including my own Psychotherapy Online. I held that back for a while as a result of that ethos. If I could go back to 1972 I would lie in front of the tractors. I doubt this damage can be undone.