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Port Hills Plants

I’m collecting images of plants I’d like to grow!

I’ll figure our what they are later.  don’t they look great?


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2021 – Ten highlights of a hard year.  In photos.

Ten highlights of a hard year.  In photos.

1. I posted here every month and looking over the posts I see how much I enjoy doing that, especially images.

Easy to repeat a few favourites:

The above are all my efforts, and here is one from a solo tramping trip up the Hope river that was also a highlight:

2. Tramping the Routeburn with Kate

And we went on to do the East Matuki

3. Painting with grandchildren:



4. Couple therapy Training

5. Theatre of Spontaneity at the Quakers

6. Journal Writing

7. Getting a new cat. Tom.


8. Writing an article for the Journal

Click to access AANZPA2021WEB-0721Logeman.pdf

9. Biology Expeditions with Grandchildren




10.  Warming up to a lifestyle transition

Journal Photos




compare to the apple event earlier this year




I did get a new MBP


Unleashed indeed


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Bush: in my life…

Bush Is one of my six life streams. Bush in Heathcote, Blue Mountains, Shoalhaven, Tasmania and Aotearoa New Zealand. And back to the Larapinta trail.  And the mountains of New Zealand. I’m  a bushwalker.  It’s an identity I developed in my teens. It’s never gone away.  I do more walking in the bush than is evident here.  This walking, climbing, mountaineering, tramping, camping and travel aspect is huge in my life but minimal in this blog, as I championed the  psyche in cyberspace.

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Growing up on the edge of two national parks I had the years from 8 to 18  years walking, running in beautiful bush.  And swimming in the hospitable creeks, surfing in the best beaches in the world.  Then I left for teachers college in Tasmania, one big national park.  After Tasmania,  aged 22 I went on a world ‘working holiday’, but climbing and skiing kept me there then university marriage and parenthood.  now in Aotearoa New Zealand still at 77 and almost part of the bush here.

Notice it was university as well that kept me here, part of another life stream I call Words.

And a relationship, another life stream.

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The Rovers Pool

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A Photo Project

I take these with abstract expressionist mentality, mood, perspective, eye.

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November, spring. BOOM!
Bloom, bloom, bloom—bloom blossoms bloom,
blossom while you can!


Journal Photos Poems


4 September 2018


the line is crossed
into the
special world

live this life
there’s no return

surrounded by enemies
lurking & pounding
& friends
with gifts

dark mystery
& promise

desperate odds


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Analogue eye


This one has been on my mind… could  not find it in my digital mess.  IMG_0992.JPG

I see my hand in it and a lot of helping hand from the tools.   But it is not the tools!  It my analogue eye.  Old music.


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Urban Images – Opera House Winter 2016

This blog is more of a mixed bag. I post pix! This one is one that I love. Open image in new tab.


My day in Melbourne