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Harville Hendrix – Beyond conflict



Passion – full aliveness – relaxed

Beyond conflict – tension but not oppositional.


The quality of the presence is what counts – not the words or the behaviour.

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Dr. James Hillman Live at Mythic Journeys

Dr. James Hillman Live at Mythic Journeys Part 1

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Anthropology of YouTube

55 minutes worth watching

Context collapse

participant observation

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Don’t live life in the sewer of injustice

Wallace Shawn (My diner with Andre) at occupy Wall Street

Relationships Video

TEDxTelAviv – Hedy Schleifer – The Power of Connection

This is an excellent talk on the nature of the relationship: This is th imago philosophy well presented.

11 November 2012 International Crossing the Bridge Day

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Psychodrama on Storify

There is meant to be a way to put this on my blog, not (only) on the Storify site. But it does not seem to work.

Never the less, this is a slice of the Moranien psychodrama mentions on the net on July 9 2011. Some good stuff there. (I thought I’d posted this before? – perhaps it was one of the ones that got lost in the db crash?)

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I like this

Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously

Psyche Relationships Video

Harville Hendrix video

This is inspiring. It takes two to mess up a relationship, but only one to fix it.

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Steven Rose & Richard Dawkins (Video)

Further to the last post, look at this video (thanks Josh)

Steven Rose by blindwatcher

It seems to me they all agree on the question where does “good” come from. Steven Rose is systemic in his thinking, Dawkins more reductionist.

Background to this discussion:

Steven Rose – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Research and scientific controversies With Richard Lewontin and Leon Kamin, Rose championed the “radical science movement.”[3][page needed] The three criticized sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, and adaptationism, most prominently in the book Not in Our Genes (1984), laying out their opposition to Sociobiology (E. O. Wilson, 1975), The Selfish Gene (Richard Dawkins, 1976), and other works promoting an evolutionary explanation for human social behaviour. Not in Our Genes described Dawkins as “the most reductionist of sociobiologists”. In retort, Dawkins wrote that the book practices reductionism by distorting arguments in terms of genetics to “an idiotic travesty (that the properties of a complex whole are simply the sum of those same properties in the parts)”, and accused the authors of giving “ideology priority over truth”.[4] Rose replied in the 2nd edition of his book Lifelines. Rose wrote further works in this area; in 2000 he jointly edited with the sociologist Hilary Rose, a critique of evolutionary psychology: Alas, Poor Darwin: Arguments Against Evolutionary Psychology. In 2006 he wrote a paper dismissing classical heritability estimates as useful scientific measures in respect of human populations especially in the context of IQ.[5] Rose was for several years a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4’s ethics debating series The Moral Maze.[1] Rose is a Distinguished Supporter of the British Humanist Association.

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Products become services…

That is a profound thing to say in 1966

See Marshall McLuhan videos here