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Lee Krasner

Lee Krasner Made an impact on me when I did the ThousandSketches and visited New York in 2006.


Collecting images…

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Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890

I’ve mentioned Vincent van Gogh in a few posts in my blog.  He is important in my life in that I grew up with him. He was an artist I liked from the start, we had a book at home.  Of course, we were from Amsterdam.  Also saw a great movie while quite young – well before the Kirk Douglas one.  Read Lust for Life.

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Psychodrama on TED talk with Jean Campbell

A simple, well structured, psychodrama.

This is a good example of how a psychodrama can be presented publicly.  Well prepared auxiliaries.

I thought this was well done.

Psychodrama Video World

Auxiliaries in Society — Peter Parkinson Video

Great stuff!

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Elliott Connie – Goals and Outcomes video

I found this video by Elliott Connie useful! Elliott is a Solution Focussed Couple therapist.

Bud, a psychodrama colleague recommended the video, on Shane Birkel’s  Facebook page.

Here a a bit of Bud’s summary:

… the vital importance of the difference between a goal for therapy and a desired outcome. He discuses it in the context of working with a couple who appeared to have mutually opposing or exclusive goals.

What a simple idea, and perhaps something we already know in an illusive way.  Elliott’s teaching and examples in the video are just excellent.

$1,000,000 = Goal

Peace of mind = Outcome


Gets me thinking… he is showing us an example of assisting people to deeper into their being and sharing more.  I like the SF questions.

I wonder if couples themselves using the universal space opening question: “Is there more?”  would go from the goal to the outcome?

That way couple can do their own deep listening, with one question:  Is there more? 

This can be done – partner to partner.  If they succeed they may get more confidence and hope for their relationship.

If they don’t… it is good for the therapist to have SFT at the ready.


Do watch & listen to the video!


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Joseph Boyden — The Orenda

I’m gripped at about 20% into the book.

This Item puts me off a bit, though it also provides extra food for thought.

So far I think the author presents the world a world animated with the spirit of life in a sympathetic way and the Catholic view to the contrary is almost mocked, thus so far so good.


the orenda

Enjoyed the CBC video about writing the novel, here:


Later – upon finishing the book — Thursday, 18 December 2014

It was horrendously violent – and it is hard to believe that such cruelty is possible. However I don’t agree with the article linked to above that is biased towards the priests or the against the Iroquois.

I finished it a few days ago and the book is still with me, it had an impact, not just the violence, but the characters, and particularly the sense of the soul of things and people – the orenda – that gives the book its title.

Psyche Video

Dr. James Hillman Live at Mythic Journeys Part 1

I find Hillman a joy to listen to. This video leads to many others.

Blog New Zealand Philosophy Video

Cultural Icons – website

This is an amazing site. A treasure. Video Episode after episode of long outpourings by interesting people. Most of them quite old!


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Interview with Zerka Moreno 2000

İSTANBUL PSİKODRAMA ENSTİTÜSÜ – an interview with Zerka Moreno 2000

(it is on that link but takes a bit of perseverance to find it.)

I was intrigued by the ideas about couple therapy. Pre marital clarifications of expectations.

Zerka Interview mp3


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Sue johnson and Emotionally Focussed Therapy

This video is worth watching.

I’m particularly interested in how she names the couple dynamics, the dance that people have. I like the way that couples devise their own name for them.

In this way couples can create dialogues they think will particularly address the dance.

Here is her book on Amazon