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The Jung Page was founded in 1995 to encourage new psychological ideas and conversations about what it means to be human in our time and place

This is a new address for the jung page. I thought it had gone defunct. A good place to go.


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Journal Psyber psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Online with Walter Logeman

Psychotherapy Online with Walter Logeman

My invitation….

Write to me, in
an an email, about one of the following:

One of your dreams.
A difficulty or dilemma you are having.
A challenge or crisis in a relationship.
Strong feelings you have now.
A topic of your choice.

I will respond by email, free of charge, from my psychological perspective.

I will also let you know how to continue psychotherapy online with me if you choose to.

To get started email

I have updated my Psychotherapy Online pages.

August 2021

to be clear… this was 21 years ago.  I did that work for decades and loved it .  I could do so again.  But not now.  Other projects occupy my life. Training psychodrama, running groups .






Wired 8.04: Why the future doesn’t need us. By Bill Joy

“Our most powerful 21st-century technologies – robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech – are threatening to make humans an endangered species.

I saw that Dolores O’Brien had written a comment on this article so bought Wired one more time. However it is here online all along. Here is Dolore’s article:


Symbolic Species

The Symbolic Species : The Co-Evolution of Language and the Brain by Terrence W. Deacon

What separates humans from animals, Deacon writes, is our capacity for symbolic representation. Animals can easily learn to link a sound with an object or an effect with a cause. But symbolic thinking assumes the ability to associate things that might only rarely have a physical correlation; think of the word “unicorn,” for instance, or the idea of the future. Language is only the outward expression of this symbolic ability, which lays the foundation for everything from human laughter to our compulsive search for meaning.

It is this ability to do the symbolic thing that is the stuff that dreams and cyberspace is made of.



XML in 10 points
I have a sense, but am not sure, that XML is actually something that strengthens our personal connections. I know that all this might work towards some commodification process… however I’d like it to also assist in the process of linking me to others inthe collaborative filtering way, can it do that? Do i need to learn it?



The Hi-Tech Gift Economy by Richard Barbrook

The hi-tech gift economy heralds the end of private property in ‘cutting edge’ areas of the economy.

Net users will always obtain much more than will ever be contributed in return. By giving away something which is well-made, they will gain recognition from those who download their work. For most people, the gift economy is simply the best method of collaborating together in cyberspace. Within the mixed economy of the Net, anarcho-communism has become an everyday reality.

I think it is all marvelous, but something is not quite right. Perhaps it is more that there is a revolution brewing, that the means of production – and the nature of the fundamental commodity has changed. Its not communism thats for sure.

Psyber Psyche World

I have become the world

CTHEORY: Cyberwar, God And Television: Interview with Paul Virilio

Virilio: The body has a dimension of simulation. The learning process, for instance: when one learns how to drive a car or a van, once in the van, one feels completely lost. But then, once you have learnt how to drive, the whole van is in your body. It is integrated into your body. Another example: a man who pilots a Jumbo Jet will ultimately feel that the Boeing is entering his body. But what is going on now, or should happen in one or two generations, is the disintegration of the world. Real time ‘live’ technologies, cyberreality, will permit the incorporation of the world within oneself. One will be able to read the entire world, just like during the Gulf War. And I will have become the world. The body of the world and my body will be one. Once again, this is a divine vision; and this is what the military are looking for. Earth is already being integrated into the Pentagon, and the man in the Pentagon is already piloting the world war – or the Gulf War – as if he were a captain whose huge boat would have become his own body. Thus the body simulates the relationship to the world.

That is isnteresting on the connection between the body and the virtual world!



Seth Godin: Feeding the Gorilla – BACK TALK – WebBusiness Magazine August 1, 1999

Seth Godin’s company, Yoyodyne Entertainment, developed games and contests consumers played via e-mail to sell products. Yahoo bought Yoyodyne and Godin received $30 million in stock. In addition to working at Yahoo, Godin has written Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends, and Friends into Customers.

Free Chapters available here:


All this is leading up to an article by steve beard in MUTE where he talks about Virilio and Godin.



CTHEORY: Cyberwar, God And Television: Interview with Paul Virilio

The day when virtual reality becomes more powerful than reality will be the day of the big accident. Mankind never experienced such an extraordinary accident.