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These are guidelines I use to price my prints.

All images are produced in editions limited to 25. Each edition may have many formats. The price increases later in the editions. Prices vary also according to size and format, the starting point is A3 or A3+ Hahnemühle or other archival paper. Some editions have had their price set by sales in an auction. Some editions have been selected for exhibitions and they also have a higher price. Some editions are exclusive to Galleries who set their own price.

Once a print in an edition has sold that is the minimum price for others in that edition.

Prices are in US Dollars. (NZ Prices on application)

Standard Online
This is a guideline only for the first 5 prints in an edition.

The first print in an edition 1/25
$95 (A4) 210 x 297mm
$120 (A3) 297 x 420
$150 (A3+) 329 x 483

The images are often considerably smaller than the paper size. This means there is plenty of edge to allow framing options.

$US25 for international packing, postage & handling (A4), for larger sizes POA. $NZ10, 20, 30 local postage & packing depending on the size, all prints are posted flat and well protected.

Prints on Canvas or wood POA

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Thursday, February 24, 2011
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Standard Online – New Zealand

The first print in an edition 1/25
$75 (A4) 210 x 297mm —– 90
$95 (A3) 297 x 420 ——— 110
$120 (A3+) 329 x 483 —— 140

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