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Here is another cross. This one is a hybrid. The back-ground is paint and the verticals are digital. There is no original either, the base image was from a shot I took of part of the canvas, resized from landscape to square, beefed up the image in post-production. I think it will make a good print.

I still have the 600×600 mm original acrylic but it got tortured out of recognition! A lot of agony & ecstasy.
This one shows a some of what I learned over the three days. Layers. Removing paint in a variety of ways. I will keep going with this. More hybrids, and perhaps the other way around too! I could print the vertical on the texture.

My goal is to make a set of physical ones.


Some more from the workshop soon, I still have the photos to take.

Later: Saturday, 5 July, 2008

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Brian Grimwood – illustrations – book & chat

I am back from the workshop and had a bit of a browse of the bookstore. The little “Coffee With… series caught my eye… because of the illustrations on the front. (Coffee with Michael Angelo, by James Hall, fun!)


On Amazon (click the image) you can see links to the others in the series, I particularly like the Mozart one, interesting use of colour. The artist is Brian Grimwood, I have just been exploring his website with delight. Ok, it is commercial art, but it is art. The image that follows is a good example of artistic exploration. I am in tune with that right now having been doing it solidly for three days. My hunch is that these illustrations are all digital, and he is a lovely digital sketcher!
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Wired Picks Its 10 Favorite 2007 Illustrations

Wired Picks Its 10 Favorite 2007 Illustrations

They look ok, but I can’t tell anymore, I am drowning in images. This one stands out.

Riccardo Vecchio captures this context exquisitely in his rich illustration of gene therapy pioneer French Anderson: It looks both modern and traditional, at once.

I am interested in their phrase: “modern and traditional” it looks as if the digital touch makes it modern.

Riccardo Vecchio

Image follows

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Art sites

I have just added a small portfolio to an art site: “The Art Weblog”, it is a rich site.

I also have some work on FELT some of it won’t come up for a day or so. This is a rather lovely New Zealand online gallery. One of the most tastefully designed place on the net! What makes it hard is to put my stuff on sites that are ugly, complex.

I have some on the Saachi site, which is not so pretty but highly functional!