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Brian Grimwood – illustrations – book & chat

I am back from the workshop and had a bit of a browse of the bookstore. The little “Coffee With… series caught my eye… because of the illustrations on the front. (Coffee with Michael Angelo, by James Hall, fun!)


On Amazon (click the image) you can see links to the others in the series, I particularly like the Mozart one, interesting use of colour. The artist is Brian Grimwood, I have just been exploring his website with delight. Ok, it is commercial art, but it is art. The image that follows is a good example of artistic exploration. I am in tune with that right now having been doing it solidly for three days. My hunch is that these illustrations are all digital, and he is a lovely digital sketcher!


Talking about exploration, here is one bit from my notes from the workshop.

Cooks Ships: (well known in New Zealand)

Adventure, Endeavour, Discovery and Resolution

A nice list for the art process.

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