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ko wai au

Te Papa


Kahukiwa began painting as a young housewife in Greymouth in the late 1960s. A belief in whakapapa underpins her work: ‘My identity in things Maori is made possible because of my ancestors. It exists because of whakapapa, tribal culture and tradition. My links with the past are as important to me as the fact of my being, my future and the future of my children.’

Te Papa holds eighteen works by Robyn Kahukiwa.


Lisa Rivas has written a great post about my work. Thank you Lisa.

She found some info I wrote about doing circles as a child. Thousands of small yellow circles they were. I was about 6. Day after day I did circles and coloured them yellow. I don’t colour them all the same, but I still do circles! As both images in Lisa’s post show!

Some collaboration with Lisa is brewing… watch this space. Also Note that I have updated my Artists links in the sidebar.


Thinking about circles and the Zen of circles I got going on a few more. Did lots, saved two.


Larger Image.

Another follows:

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