Lisa Rivas has written a great post about my work. Thank you Lisa.

She found some info I wrote about doing circles as a child. Thousands of small yellow circles they were. I was about 6. Day after day I did circles and coloured them yellow. I don’t colour them all the same, but I still do circles! As both images in Lisa’s post show!

Some collaboration with Lisa is brewing… watch this space. Also Note that I have updated my Artists links in the sidebar.


Thinking about circles and the Zen of circles I got going on a few more. Did lots, saved two.


Larger Image.

Another follows:

Larger Image.

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  1. My name is Joonseok(Martin) Lee, veterinarian, who live in Korea.
    Sorry for sudden note of mine.
    I just bumped into your blog during web surfing.
    So beautiful works, I think I love these works. Actually, I scraped one of your works including web domain source of your blog without notice in advance, because I couldn’t wait your permition. I really sorry for this kind of behavior. So, please let me know, if you do want me to undo my blogging. I will eliminate my post which includes your work, immediately. 😀

  2. Very nice circle! Normally brush circles that size need a thicker stroke to maintain a sense of integrity, but you really pull it off with a thin line.

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