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My life streams

A few years ago I distilled the main areas of my life.  What interests me.  Areas I just can’t neglect.  Areas that need my attention and love.

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The Soft Edge

I find it very hard to live on the soft edge. I crave order, but can’t really find it of course. I like the hard edge, everything in neat little boxes, with an index and rules for access et. etc. But it is no way to live… computers are forcing us too much in that direction. Developing more tolerance for the mess is important. Perhaps it is not a mess, it is all birth, becoming, framentation and death!

This outline meditation helps – it is in itself a hard edge form, to find the soft edge. This is so relevant to me right now as Kate seems to manage that soft space, and I freak out!

From Richard Seel

Psyche Psychodrama

Five Instruments of Psychodrama

The five instruments:

      • Stage
      • Audience
      • Director
      • Protagonist
      • Auxiliary Egos

Word documents on this available here.