The Soft Edge

I find it very hard to live on the soft edge. I crave order, but can’t really find it of course. I like the hard edge, everything in neat little boxes, with an index and rules for access et. etc. But it is no way to live… computers are forcing us too much in that direction. Developing more tolerance for the mess is important. Perhaps it is not a mess, it is all birth, becoming, framentation and death!

This outline meditation helps – it is in itself a hard edge form, to find the soft edge. This is so relevant to me right now as Kate seems to manage that soft space, and I freak out!

From Richard Seel

1) The Soft Edge

1.1) Some people are comfortable in the soft centre.

1.2) Some people enjoy operating at the hard edge.

1.3) The soft edge is where lasting transformation can take place.

1.4) The soft edge is where people and processes interact.

1.5) The soft edge is always shifting.

1.51) Why “in” the soft edge? Because there is the experience of immersion and uncertainty. The soft edge as the edge of chaos, perhaps.

1.52) We know that we are near the edge, but cannot see where it is.

1.53) When we recognise that we are in the soft edge we can also recognise the need for new ways of seeing to help us gain perspective and clarity.

via The Soft Edge.

This is part of a lager doc — the word version no loner online — here is a PDF philosophy  Living in the Soft Edge Richard Seel

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