185 Chairs – Christchurch


185 Chairs – Christchurch a set on Flickr.

I found this a moving Exhibit. In remembrance of people who died in the Christchurch earthquake – on the site where the Oxford Street Baptist Church used to be. I recall campaigning for the church not to be demolished to widen the street in the 80s!

There was a note suggesting to sit in a chair. I could not make that step of role reversal.

Sunday Star Times on Christchurch and OnlineGroups.Net!

Christchurch three months on | Stuff.co.nz:


Photo: Carys Monteath

Community spirit: Mara Apse organised working bees in her neighbourhood after large cracks opened up in the hill, which they filled with a liquid absorbing clay.


It takes more than two for this tango: After the labouring came the music and dancing.

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Real Estate developoments! Moves.

We are in the process of getting a new venue for the Horse Riding. We have a plan of moving ro a beautiful little valley site about 10 K past Tai Tapu – near the Blue Duck Café – (was Black Tulip)

To make all this happen we are selling two properties in Christchurch.

A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Apartment in Hagley Avenue its on Trade Me looks good.

We also have one in Nicholls Street in Shirley. It is for sale and for rent! Trade Me CRT

Kate and I have been working hard, to make sure we are doing the right thing. And yes, Parkhill will be a great place for us. I’ll post some picks up of this romantic new place!

The places we are selling have absorbed a lot of our time & energy they look good! They are priced very realistically, to suit this market.