Scary #ACTA Threat

Steven Hodson in the Inquisitr

Scary, there are a bunch of people out there hell bent on making the world worse:

It is planned that all these secret negotiations taking place will finish in 2010 and the world will be presented with a new world wide copyright/IP treaty that has been written and bullied through all levels of individual country governments by the US entertainment industry and their trade groups around the world.

J.L. Moreno on Copyright

A snippet quoting Moreno follows from the Federation of Eastern European Psychodrama Training Organisations! (other interesting stuff too in that little journal.)

I think he would have liked the Creative Commons license I use for this blog and my sketches, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License that allows their unaltered non-profit use.

    Creative Commons License

FEPTO – Federation of Eastern European Psychodrama Training Organisation

Quote follows.

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Limited Editions – in the digital world

In a Limited Edition of digital prints can some be landscape and others square? Is it wrong to meddle with the original file if it is still used to print more in that edition?

There is no right or wrong here, who would decide? I have two principles I adhere to:

1. Relationship!

The purchaser has a say. If I have a square one and a landscape version, there is a choice. A purchaser may also have a choice about the size, why not? It is not all democracy. Some prints I just like one way, and I won’t sign what I am not happy to sign.

Now here is an hypothetical situation, one that is possible. Someone owns a print of mine from say a year or two ago, and sees it on my site in a form that they like better… relationship! Talk to me. I may print another one, or replace the old one.

2. Trust.
Editions are what they say they are: usually limited to 25. I stick to that. I will never sell a print below the price of the last one sold in the edition. Prints in the editions may vary a little, one from the other. For one, I sign them on the date I print them, to honour the fact that each print is an actual work, the file is just a file.

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