J.L. Moreno on Copyright

A snippet quoting Moreno follows from the Federation of Eastern European Psychodrama Training Organisations! (other interesting stuff too in that little journal.)

I think he would have liked the Creative Commons license I use for this blog and my sketches, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License that allows their unaltered non-profit use.

    Creative Commons License

FEPTO – Federation of Eastern European Psychodrama Training Organisation

Quote follows.

Moreno once accused Friedrich Kiesler the director of “The International Exhibition of New Theatre Techniques” 1924 in Vienna to be a thief of his idea after he had created a new stage without audience and Kiesler presented a similar model. The quarrel ended at court where Moreno held a remarkable speech to defend himself.

I have given away my ideas to the community, to all its parts for free perusal; with this I have given everyone the right to consider my ideas common property, to take them over to the letter, and to use and distribute them in a manner, in printed form or by mouth, provided it is accomplished without reference to their names or any other name. But it was not my idea to leave my contributions to a single individual for the purpose of bringing to that person a proprietary relationship towards my ideas, of linking my contributions to someone’s family name for the purpose of enriching him… René F. Marineau: Jacob Levy Moreno 1889-1974. Routledge, London. 1989. pp. 85

[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”Marineau Citation”], René F. (1989). Jacob Levy Moreno 1889-1974. Routledge, London.

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