Safford Beer, Cyberneticist.

I’m following up on a suggestion from Josh to research Safford Beer, a Cyberneticist.

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His story about the system in Chile is amazing. Right now I am intrigued by his dialogue approach! It seems that using the maths of the geodesic dome there is a way of structuring discussion. ?? I have just downloaded some audio, will be interesting too.

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Mirroring & Cybernetics

… the ability to perceive difference is a crucial, perhaps a necessary prerequisite for spontaneity. I saw more clearly one of the purposes of the psychodramatic technique of mirroring, it allows information, potentially lost* to be maximised and responded to.

This is a quote from an article I wrote in 1987! My friend Don said he had something I wrote back then, he dug it out. Wonderful to see it. Thanks Don! I recognised it as something I had written, especially the typeface from my old Brother Golf Ball printer but that was about it, I recalled nothing of the content.

I quite like it though, and here is a link to the whole paper, now scanned and online.

Mirroring & Cybernetics