Safford Beer, Cyberneticist.

I’m following up on a suggestion from Josh to research Safford Beer, a Cyberneticist.

From Wikipedia

His story about the system in Chile is amazing. Right now I am intrigued by his dialogue approach! It seems that using the maths of the geodesic dome there is a way of structuring discussion. ?? I have just downloaded some audio, will be interesting too.

More follows from

The Architectonics of Effective Knowledge Integration

The Syntegration method for organizing and optimizing co-operation and collaboration is based on the same architectonics used by Fuller for geodesic domes. The use of synergy effects and adherence to the principle of integrity gave the method its name: Syntegrity is an artificial word made from “synergistic tensegrity”. Fuller argued that tensegrity, or the simultaneous occurrence of tension and pressure, is omnipresent in nature. Syntegration applies this concept to a social system: a group of people seeking to compress their divided views into a united message that represents more than the “lowest common denominator”, while at the same time experiencing tensile forces which provoke discussion, argument and counter-argument.

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