Art Art Talk Digital Sketches Journal

2016 was a colourful year!

The iPad sends feature sets of photos every day. They do a great job. It’s like someone saying “Hey, I love this photos, I love your art!”

I did a lot of sketches (as I call them). The one the algorithm sent stands out from similar efforts at the time. Just the right balance of dark and light.

Artists Digital Sketches Journal


Lisa Rivas has written a great post about my work. Thank you Lisa.

She found some info I wrote about doing circles as a child. Thousands of small yellow circles they were. I was about 6. Day after day I did circles and coloured them yellow. I don’t colour them all the same, but I still do circles! As both images in Lisa’s post show!

Some collaboration with Lisa is brewing… watch this space. Also Note that I have updated my Artists links in the sidebar.


Thinking about circles and the Zen of circles I got going on a few more. Did lots, saved two.


Larger Image.

Another follows: