Where is the People’s Internet?

The Future of Web Content – HTML5, Flash & Mobile Apps:

The recent introduction of the new Apple iPad has stirred the discussion over the future of web content and application runtime formats, and shone light onto the political and business battles emerging between Apple, Adobe and Google. These discussion are often highly polarized and irrational. My hope in this post is to help provide some balance and clarity onto this discussion.

My somewhat vitriolic comments follow

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Internet as Mirror of the Unconscious

Internet and Unconscious: The Psychic Interface by Peter Gomes

“The process of internet use becomes – in part – a dialogue with the Self – the united whole, the complete psychic entity of ourselves both personal, collective, conscious and unconscious – with the internet mirroring the unconscious, working on both a collective and personal level – with use affecting the process of individuation”

An article on the psyche and the net.

Later Sunday, 25 September, 2011

The link above seems not to work.

I’ve found it again – or something similar?) and it is now here too (see below)

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