Where is the People’s Internet?

The Future of Web Content – HTML5, Flash & Mobile Apps:

The recent introduction of the new Apple iPad has stirred the discussion over the future of web content and application runtime formats, and shone light onto the political and business battles emerging between Apple, Adobe and Google. These discussion are often highly polarized and irrational. My hope in this post is to help provide some balance and clarity onto this discussion.

My somewhat vitriolic comments follow

The article and the comments together make for a good read.  I am now thinking of the Net, not in terms of open / closed, but as a sort of battle field for various economic and political interests.  At least the enemy are in-fighting.  Whoever wins is the enemy.  The corporates determine the very shape of the net, there is no disintermediation, only re-intermediation by bigger sharks.  If we favour “more open” that favours Google probably, to sell more ads.  Ads!  Who needs ads!

Freedom is a strange notion.  The iPhone has freed me up from being at the desk, I read far more than before.  I read this article on the phone, sent myself a liink and am now blogging on the PC.  It has no Flash, I hate it when I get the blue lego tile on the iPhone!  I hate it that to build in flash costs $$$ worth of tools.  I hate it that Apple stops Amazon from allowing book sharing on the iPhone Ugh! 

I learned in the comments in the article that Apple does not allow developers on the Mac to access the GPU!  That’s it, I lost all my Apple, thing of beauty lust.  Gone. 

Where is the EFF? http://www.eff.org/  WC3, what could they possibly do to create a people’s Web?

Do they make a phone in Venezuela?  Or Cuba?  I’d like to not feel contaminated by the dirty technology I always use. Windows XP, iPhone  Ugh!

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